President's Message

new Shannon

May 2024

As we approach our fourth anniversary as an AFP Chapter, I can say whole-heartedly
that I am proud of all that we have accomplished in an ever-changing environment filled
with many challenges. We have successfully adapted our professional development and
networking offerings to provide a variety of virtual and in-person opportunities focused
on the areas of priority identified by our members and we look forward to continuing to
provide you with these meaningful and valuable opportunities.

In 2023, we took the time to assess and evaluate our work as a Chapter and as a Board
of Directors. We recognized that we could use some support in determining our current
effectiveness and navigating our strategic direction moving forward to ensure our future
performance was impactful. I am so grateful to the team at The BluePrint Toolset who
guided us through the strategic process of identifying our effectiveness, our areas of
opportunity, and our goals for the future. That work informed the restructuring of Board
roles and responsibilities and will provide the direction for the work of our committees in
2024 and beyond. I want to thank the Board and Committee members who participated
in the strategic planning process in 2023 and I am confident that our volunteers and our
members will see the benefits of this work moving forward.

The AFP London and Region Chapter is run completely by dedicated volunteers. Each
of our Board and Committee members give their time and expertise to ensure that our
members enjoy as many benefits of AFP membership as possible. I would like to invite
our members to become even more involved by contributing as a member of a
committee or the Board of Directors. Current opportunities can be found on our website
and I would be happy to connect personally and discuss them with you.

Our membership is filled with dedicated, compassionate, and caring nonprofit
professionals who make a difference every day in our community. I am honoured and
grateful to continue to serve as your Chapter President and on behalf of the Board of
Directors, we look forward to another year of supporting you in the work that you do.

Shannon LaHay