Storytelling Supercharge: Igniting Change in the Digital Age!

When:  Apr 4, 2024 from 08:30 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  AFPKC

Join AFPKC as we host author and host of the Nonprofit Nation podcast, Julia Campbell. This program is jam-packed with information to supercharge your use of storytelling and social media to ignite change in today's rapidly changing fundraising landscape.  She'll share her insights with attendees during a keynote session followed by an engaging workshop, enabling you to spark change in your organization.  


Standing Out with Storytelling in the Digital Age

Storytelling is the fuel in the communication engine of the modern nonprofit. Mission-driven storytelling has the power and potential to change hearts and minds around complex, difficult issues. Nonprofit leaders need to start thinking of themselves as storytellers if they want to convert their stakeholders from passive participants to passionate advocates.
In this talk, full of real-world examples and case studies, Julia shares some of the most powerful and effective ways to use story + digital tools to inspire supporters to take action, based on her bestselling book for nonprofits.

Learning objectives:
● How to use data and storytelling to communicate
● How to spread ideas with storytelling and stand out in a noisy world
● How to tell stories that take people from passive to passionate
● How to employ Julia’s 3-part digital storytelling framework to collect, craft, and share stories with your audience

Anticipated outcomes for participants
● Participants will get the Storytelling in the Digital Age Workbook, to begin collecting, crafting, and sharing stories for their clients on digital channels.
● Actionable strategies, inspiration, and real-world storytelling examples attendees can use in their fundraising work. 


How to Convert Social Media Fans and Followers Into Donors and Long-Term Supporters

We were sold a bill of goods when social media first exploded on the scene: Create an account, post a few things, and the money is going to roll in! The reality of the algorithms and our attention economy is that not all of our posts, in fact just a tiny fraction, are actually seen by our audience. We have to be focused, strategic, and consistent in our social media efforts in order
to get any traction.
The big question: How to convert social media fans and followers into donors and long-term supporters? If we are spending all this time on social media, what are WE getting out of it? Or, even if we only throw up a post once per week with very little thought or effort – what’s that tiny effort worth?

In this session, nonprofit social media expert Julia Campbell will give you:
● The top social media marketing trends that fundraisers need to understand;
● The most effective ways to build deeper relationships with your social media fans and followers, and convert them into long-term supporters;
● Actionable ways to stay relevant on social media in times of uncertainty;
● Free and low-cost social media tools to save time and inspire creativity in the new year.

Anticipated outcomes for participants
● Actionable strategies, inspiration, and real-world examples of ways that even small nonprofits can market their mission and services on social media.
● Resources including a Content Brainstorming Worksheet and more.

AFP Members (AFPKC and other chapters) - $75
Non Members - $85
About the Speaker:


Julia Campbell

Named as a top thought leader and one to follow by Forbes and LinkedIn for Nonprofits, Julia Campbell is a nonprofit digital consultant, speaker, and author on a mission to make the digital world a better place.  Host of the acclaimed Nonprofit Nation podcast, she’s written two books for nonprofits on social media and storytelling, and her online courses, webinars, and talks have helped hundreds of nonprofits make the shift to digital thinking. You can learn more about Julia  at



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