2023 Honoree - Tish Sjuts

2023 Excellence in Development Operations

Tish Sjuts is the Development and Strategic Communications Manager for Midwest Innocence Project (MIP).  Tish’s accomplishments are multifaceted, with a remarkable track record in creating successful fundraising initiatives. At the heart of every achievement is Tish's passion for making a positive impact on the community she serves. Her ability to turn challenges into opportunities has been key to her success.

Tish's excellence shines through in her event management skills. She successfully transformed the annual gala, Faces of Innocence, into an inclusive hybrid event, surpassing revenue goals and showcasing her adeptness at handling every aspect of the event with remarkable ease. Her creative thinking extends to the broader community, where she secured beneficiary status for the Casual Animal event, further promoting and raising funds for her organization.

In the realm of grants, Tish's prowess is unparalleled. Her efforts have secured significant federal grants for critical initiatives, aiding wrongful conviction cases and promoting eye-witness identification reforms. She continuously seeks new grant sources to support the organization's endeavors.

Tish's communications expertise is equally impressive. Her strategic social media campaigns have expanded the organization's online presence, increasing engagement and followers across platforms. With her dedication to effective communication, she is now spearheading the hiring of a communications coordinator to further enhance outreach efforts.

However, Tish's true strength lies in her leadership and people-centric approach. She values inclusivity and ensures all members of the community are welcome partners in her endeavors. Her warm and welcoming nature, coupled with her organizational knowledge, makes her a go-to resource for advice and guidance.

Tish Sjuts is a true leader in development, consistently demonstrating a commitment to the betterment of her community and achieving remarkable results through dedication and innovation.