AFPKC Mentorship Program

K9PJoP6nTZ2H9kBhiAaW_Mentors-T.jpgShare Your Time and Talent with AFPKC’s New Mentoring Program

Do you wish you had someone in fundraising you could turn to when you have questions? Are you a seasoned veteran who would be happy to share your knowledge with an up-and-coming fundraiser?

Then consider being a part of AFPKC’s new Mentorship program!

We are looking for Mentors and Mentees to join this career enriching experience, and we expected it to become one of your most rewarding benefits.

It’s easy to jump in – simply fill out one of the brief online forms below. Based on your preferences, we will match you with another fundraiser, and the two of you will connect monthly over the course of one year. Your time commitment may be minimal, but the lessons you learn and the relationships you build will be invaluable.