2023 Honoree - Brendan Zahner

2023 Spirit of Philanthropy Award - Youth

Brendan Zahner is a remarkable young volunteer whose passion for giving back began at an early age. As a devoted youth volunteer at Harvesters, Brendan has contributed his time and efforts consistently, demonstrating a commitment beyond his years. From participating in school-led initiatives to volunteering with his family and Scout Troop 1118 at St. Peter's Church, Brendan's dedication knows no bounds.
Brendan's journey as a philanthropist took a significant leap when he embraced the opportunity to lead an ambitious Eagle Scout project. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brendan's determination, leadership, and adaptability shone through.
His project involved collaborating with multiple entities, including the KC Master Gardeners, to install a drip irrigation system for the Harvesters demonstration garden. Brendan navigated the complexities with grace, meticulously planning and coordinating the project while maintaining his school commitments and sports involvements.
Brendan's project exemplifies his thoughtful approach to giving back, ensuring that his work benefits not just for the present but also for future generations. By documenting and sharing the knowledge he acquired, he has left a legacy that will inspire and guide others interested in similar philanthropic endeavors.
Brendan Zahner's remarkable commitment to philanthropy, even at a young age, showcases the true spirit of giving and sets an example for youth and adults alike in making a positive impact on their communities.