The Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Kansas
City Chapter (AFPKC) is committed to promoting an inclusive,
equitable and accessible organization where every member,
volunteer, staff and board member can realize their potential
and have their contributions valued.
Central to its mission, AFPKC created IDEA (Inclusion,
Diversity, Equity & Access) as a way to help current and
potential members of AFPKC feel included and respected in all
programming, socials and experiences.

Definitions are reviewed and approved annually by the IDEA Committee
and AFPKC Board of Directors.

The ability of AFPKC to attract, retain, accommodate, and involve a range of
diverse people
who are valued, accepted, and welcomed as staff, volunteers,
members, speakers, guests,
and/or program patrons of AFPKC.

Diversity is an inclusive concept encompassing, without limitation, race, color,
ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or identity; religion, nationality,
age, economic class, educational level, and language; physical, mobility and
ability, geography, and relationship and parental status. The state of being
diverse means having the broadest possible representation of individuals,
experiences, and perspectives in all-encompassing terms.

To address institutional racism and systemic disparities, actions in equity create
a level
playing field for individuals or groups according to their respective
needs, which may
include equal treatment or treatment that is different but is
considered equivalent in terms
of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities.

The commitment to foster attitudes, behaviors, and procedures to facilitate
access that
promotes equity and diversity, fosters inclusion, creates a sense of
belonging, and allows people to maximize their contribution to our association
and the greater Kansas City community that our members serve.

AFPKC has earned the 2024 IDEA Champion Designation from AFP Global. Learn more
about the IDEA Champion Designation at


Inclusivity Playbook
This playbook was designed to help members and
friends of AFPKC learn more about the
IDEA is taking to ensure those engaged in our programs
feel include
d,  represented and equal.
The Playbook also houses a section to help individuals
find resources personal to
them that will help guide them
on their DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) journey.

Juneteenth Resource Guide
AFPKC has created some tools and support to help your organization respect and acknowledge Juneteenth - the federal holiday that observes the day when slaves in Galveston, Texas, were informed of their freedom upon the arrival of federal troops on June 19, 1865.As you and your organization make plans for 2024, please use and share this guide - 3 Ways Your Team Can Celebrate Juneteenth.